About Us

The Mission

Clean Drinks Co, We're Dedicated to Your improvement

That’s the statement we live by.  Our blends are developed with you, our customer, in mind; each product is blended and brought to you to help improve your health and wellbeing.

You’ll find our products all target a specific issue or improvement area and it’s how we’ll continue to build our product offering.  Take a look at our powerful Bright & Green blend to help improve your energy and mental focus.  Looking to relax and struggling to sleep?  Go check out our Rest & Recover blend.


The Vision

Our vision is simple, our blends must:

  • Take out the cost and hassle of blending from scratch

  • Taste so good you’ll want another

  • Tackle and improve specific areas of your wellbeing.


The Story

All this mess and hassle to make a juice I don’t even like…

It began there.  It was 2018 and our founder returned from a holiday tired, sluggish and carrying a few extra kgs!  It was time to get back on a healthy diet, starting with dusting off the blender…the “juice” was more like blended pulp and the blender went back into the cupboard, where it still resides.  The hassle, mess and expense of blending led him to research different green powders but few tasted good; the ones that did didn’t have the ingredients or benefits he was looking for and most ended up in the garbage.

After months of research, blending, testing and tasting, the final version of our first blend, Bright & Green, was decided.  It was a labour of love but what we ended up with was a great tasting, powerful greens blend which ticked all the taste and benefits boxes.

We work closely with our manufacturers to make sure all ingredients in our blends are of the highest quality and we always use organic ingredients where we can to make sure our customers get the most out of our products.


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