Our Top 5 Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

When we say ‘diet’ we normally associate that with an all-or-nothing approach - no carbs, no fat, no alcohol…no fun! Many nutritionist believe balance is a better approach, a little indulgence is fine when your diet and exercise are on track.

Alcohol is one indulgence which we can often take to the extremes. A single night out could land you an extra 1,000 calories on top of your normal diet and that’s not taking into account that cheeky kebab or pizza on the way home. And this is all leading up to the next day when you try to eat your way out of your hangover…the calories add up quickly!

This cycle goes on repeat during the festive celebrations…you can easily find yourself going to 2, 3 or more events a week during the silly season. Just think how many empty calories you’re facing, it’s (nearly) enough to put us off!

At Clean Drinks Co. we can’t prevent the hangover, nor can we cure it. And we certainly can’t help you steer clear of the kebab shop! What we can do is help you navigate the bar and so you choose the least calorie offensive drinks. Here are our top 5 drinks to stick to during the upcoming silly season.


106 calories, 280ml serving

It’s classic, it’s basic and it’s our favourite low calorie drink. Vodka, soda and lime doesn’t have any added sugar so it’s perfect when you’re watching those calories. And the soda water will help keep you hydrated…winning!!


87 calories, 120ml serving

Yes…tell me more! Those who love a glass or two of bubbles will be pleasantly surprised to learn that champagne is pretty low in calories, coming it at only 87 calories a glass. Steer clear of the sweet ones which might have more sugar and opt for the dry version instead. It’s the perfect excuse - I must drink champagne, I’m watching my figure!


98 calories, 120ml serving

We’ve specified dry white wine which tends to have less sugar. Think pinot grigio, vermentino, sauvignon blanc and try to stay away from wines such as Riesling.


120 calories, 170ml serving

Fancy a cocktail? The Moscow Mule is a ‘go to’ staple! Made with vodka, ginger beer and lime juice it’s not packed with a heaps of sugar such as Long Islands or Margaritas. Now that’s our kind of cocktail.


122 calories, 70ml serving

Speaking of cocktails, if you like something a little stronger then go for a martini, made with gin and vermouth. It’s not as large as the other drinks here but it’s just as strong and great for keeping the party going.

So there you have it, Clean Drinks Co.’s cheat sheet for the navigating your choice of drinks during the silly season.

Try improving your diet and overall nutrition by adding our Bright & Green blend to your morning routine. Blended to help improve your energy, assist with bloating and support mental focus, it might just be the thing to help you get your day back on track!

Stay safe and enjoy the fun times!


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