How Spirulina Benefits Your Workout and Diet

When it comes to superfoods, spirulina is right up there as one of the best; it may actually be the most nutrient-dense food on earth gram-for-gram.

If you're looking for the best super greens powder Australia, it needs to have spirulina included!

While this blue-green coloured microalgae might have only just popped up onto health and wellness radars in the modern world, research suggests it has been consumed in some places for centuries!

So how can spirulina benefit your health and how can you incorporate it into your diet?

 How Spirulina Benefits Your Workout and Diet

Abundant in Nutrients

As we mentioned, spirulina may be the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, with one tablespoon of dried spirulina containing protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B-1-3, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K, folate, sodium, omega-3 and omega-6!

In addition to all the nutrients this superfood packs in, you’ll be pleased to know that one tablespoon of dried spirulina only has 20 calories and 1.7 grams of digestible carbohydrates.

Consuming spirulina benefits you by providing all the essential amino acids that your body needs, as spirulina is 65% protein.



Powerful Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory

As we mentioned in our Top 5 Health Benefits of Turmeric and brain health blogs, consuming foods with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties is highly beneficial for both the body and the brain.

To recap - when oxidation occurs in the body, unstable chemicals known as free radicals are formed and these chemicals are known to damage the cells in your body.

You can fight excess free radicals with antioxidants, found in foods like turmeric and spirulina, which work to neutralise the free radicals and reduce the damage to your cells. Antioxidants also help to keep the body free of bad bacteria and viruses.

Inflammation is your body’s way of protecting itself from injury, infection and illness, however, it can become harmful if it becomes chronic and lasts for weeks, months or years.

The potent anti-inflammatory properties of spirulina can also help to reduce the effects of inflammation on the body, helping your body to heal.


Regulate Cholesterol Levels

Taking spirulina regularly may help to regulate your cholesterol levels by lowering the “bad” LDL cholesterol while increasing the “good” HDL cholesterol.

The antioxidant properties in spirulina may protect the bad cholesterol from oxidation, which helps to reduce oxidative damage. This is significant, as lipid peroxidation, or the oxidative degradation of lipids, is a key factor in many serious diseases, such as heart disease.

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Spirulina Benefits & Improves your Gut Health

Our gut is more commonly being referred to as our “second brain”, with research finding that there is a significant gut-brain connection.

The gut microbiome is incredibly complex and research over the past two decades has indicated links between gut health and mood, mental health, the immune system, skin conditions and even cancer.

With 300-500 different species of bacteria living in our digestive tract, it is important to keep a healthy balance of good bacteria to enhance your mood, combat obesity and improve your immune system.

Spirulina may help to preserve health gut bacteria as we age, with the anti-inflammatory properties of spirulina working to heal any inflammation in the gut and liver. 


Why Our Bright & Green Formula Contains Spirulina and So Much More

At Clean Drinks Co. we’ve included spirulina in our Bright & Green superfood formula to ensure our clients get the benefits of this incredible algae.

As a rich source of so many nutrients, including spirulina in our formula was a no-brainer.

In our Bright & Green formula, spirulina works alongside kale, matcha, turmeric, ashwagana and other superfoods to deliver a delicious, nutrient-rich, raw greens powder that can help you to improve your overall health and vitality. 

Shop online today at Clean Drinks Co. to find out how spirulina benefits your body and mind, along with all the other superfoods we pack into our greens powder.


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