How Greens Powder Benefits Your Diet

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Greens powder is gaining popularity in Australia and around the world, and for good reason. Far from a fad, greens powder is a concentrated blend of organic green goodness packed with nutrients.

It isn’t always easy to get enough greens in your diet. While there may be no such thing as a magic bullet for nutrition, greens powder is about as good as it gets when it comes to blending health benefits and convenience.

Just a couple of scoops in the morning delivers a dose of plant-based probiotics, antioxidants, and the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Mixed in with a healthy diet, greens powder can benefit your body in a whole range of ways and boost your greens servings for the week.

So, what are the benefits of greens powders and how do you know you’re buying the best super greens powder?


Greens Powders Balance Your System

Alkaline-forming greens help to balance out acidity in the body, restoring pH stability and aiding in digestion.

Greens powders are packed with organic ingredients like chlorella, gingko biloba, turmeric, kale and spirulina to rebalance your gut health. These prebiotic-rich plants are absorbed quickly in powder form to promote a healthy gut flora.


They Help Boost Energy Levels & Improve Focus

Greens powders benefit the body and mind by delivering the energising nutrients like protein, iron, B-vitamins and omega-3 that your system needs to function at its best.

Organic greens also aid in nutrient absorption from other food. With a healthy diet that includes daily doses of greens powder you will feel more energised and have a sharper mind throughout the day.


Greens powders boost your brain power

Superfood ingredients like gingko biloba and ashwagandha give greens powders brain-boosting properties.

Research into ashwagandha shows it could be a secret ingredient to boost memory power. It can also improve focus and reaction times along with a long list of health benefits like helping build muscle, reducing inflammation, decreasing heart disease risk and more.

Gingko biloba is one of the most popular herbal remedies so of course we put a healthy helping into Bright & Green. Gingko biloba is taken to improve memory, anxiety and depression symptoms, and to sharpen focus.


A Greens Powder Benefits Your Morning Routine

Always rushing out the door in the morning? Many Australians don’t get enough good stuff in their diet because there just aren’t enough hours in the day to eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.

The convenience of greens powder is another reason the superfood mix is so popular. In 30 seconds, you can stir in a plant-based boost to your morning water or protein shake, or mix it in to your breakfast bowl.


It Boosts Your Immune System & Reduces Inflammation

Another benefit of greens powder is the immune boosting properties of organic plants, herbs, vegetables and healthy extracts.

Ashwagandha, barley grass, chlorella, gingko biloba, matcha and turmeric are just some of the all-natural ingredients that make greens powders so good for you by fighting disease, reducing inflammation and alleviating bloating.


How Our Bright & Green Super Greens Blend Can Help You!

We could keep going about the benefits of greens powders but the best way to find out is to try it for yourself.

Bright & Green: Body & Mind greens powder is our own special blend of all the best ingredients to give you the best start to the day. Like all Clean Drinks Co. products, Bright & Green is made using high quality 100% organic ingredients with no useless fillers.

Check out all the beneficial ingredients we’ve packed into Bright & Green to improve your day.


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