5 Nutrition Secrets to a Slimmer Summer Body

For many of us right now in Australia, the weather is hot, hot, hot which means days at the beach or sitting by the pool.  They say that a summer body is built during the winter, but all is not lost if you’re just starting to make the effort now. For most people, the main issue with getting in shape is losing excess body fat. If you’re carrying more body fat than you would care to admit, you need to take action now for your health and overall wellbeing.  Struggling to lose the weight, or just looking for some help and guidance? If so, then check out these 5 nutrition secrets to a slimmer summer body.


Drink more water

When trying to lose weight, or when trying to improve your health in general for that matter, one of the first things you should do is drink more water. Forget the diet sodas loaded full of chemicals which do more harm than good, and instead drink some quality H20. Water hydrates you, it ensures your metabolism works effectively, it ensures your muscles work properly, and it even helps to keep you full for longer. Drinking water before a meal will help to promote satiety so you feel full quicker and consume fewer calories.


Eat more healthy proteins

Protein is essential for muscle growth and repair. As well as helping to assist with the growth of lean muscle tissue, it can also help to promote weight loss as well. Protein is thermogenic. This means that, once consumed, the body struggles to digest it and break it down. It has to work harder and because of that it burns off more calories just to digest it and break it down. On top of that, because it stays in your stomach for longer, you feel full for longer so again, your appetite decreases. Add to that, the increase in lean muscle tissue, which also increases the metabolism, and it’s easy to see why lean protein is so beneficial for weight loss. Stick with healthy proteins such as organic eggs, lean meat, fish, and nuts, and avoid processed meats.


Eat little and often

Another very useful tip for people trying to lose weight is to eat little and often. Rather than eating two or three large meals per day, instead try to eat 5 – 6 smaller healthy meals spaced out throughout the day. This will keep the metabolism running faster so that you burn off more calories.


Use a smaller plate

Believe it or not, eating your meals off of smaller plates really does make a difference when trying to lose weight. If you eat an average-sized meal on a large plate, the empty space on the plate will trick you into thinking you haven’t got enough food and your hunger hormones will kick in. On the flipside, if you eat an average sized meal on a small plate, you’ll fool your brain into thinking you’ve got plenty to eat, and you won’t crave more or feel overly hungry.


Invest in healthy supplements

Okay, first off, supplements do not work miracles. If you aren’t exercising and eating right, no amounts of vitamins and supplements will help you out when it comes to losing weight. If you use supps in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet, you will benefit massively. When purchasing supplements, you don’t need to get fancy. Just go with a multivitamin, an omega-3 supplement, and perhaps a green superfood blend which will be loaded full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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