4 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

Right now, with the current goings on in the world, the importance of good mental health has never been greater. 

Mental health issues are believed to currently affect 1 in 4 people, though in reality that number is believed to be much higher, it’s simply believed that people keep their problems to themselves and suffer in silence for fear of being mocked and judged. 

For years, there was an unnecessary taboo associated with mental health issues, but thankfully that is now slowly starting to change. 

Mental health issues can affect us all at any given time, yet some of us are more badly affected than others, and sadly, this can potentially have devastating consequences. 

Here at Clean Drinks Co. we take mental health seriously and, as always, we're dedicated to making sure your health is the best it can be. There are many things you can do to support your mental health but we've boiled the list down to 4 simple things you can do TODAY to help naturally improve your mental health.

If you know someone who's struggling with mental health and needs support, why not send this blog on? Sometimes it's hard to see the wood from the trees and showing someone support can be the first step to better mental health.


Talk about your feelings

They say that a problem shared is a problem halved, and when you stop and think about it, this saying actually makes perfect sense. 

Far, far too many people dealing with mental health issues suffer in silence and bottle everything up, which can eventually become too much and makes them feel worse. 

If you’ve something on your mind that's causing you stress, anxiety, or just making you uneasy, try to open up and talk to somebody about what it is that you’re feeling.

As soon as you open up you’ll often feel like a weight has been lifted, as other people can offer you support and advice to help you feel better about what it is that may be bothering you. Sometimes a different perspective can make a "hopeless" situation seem so much more manageable and the first step is talking.


In terms of better mental health, you simply cannot overlook the importance of exercise. 

Exercise is one of the best support tools for mental health as it helps elevate your mood, manage anger or frustration and can also help to distract you and clear your mind.

Exercise helps to promote the production of endorphins which make you feel happier and more confident. On top of that, it also increases the production of sleep-inducing hormones which help to promote a good night’s sleep. 

The term "exercise" doesn't mean spending 2 hours a day in the gym, if anything that can have the opposite effect you're looking for. For some it can be lifting weights or running, for others it can be as simple as a short walk or a yoga session in your livingroom. It's all about small steps and it's not always a full sweat session you need to help!

Improve Your Diet

Another simple, yet effective way to help improve your mental health is to change your eating and drinking habits.

Try to cut back on junk food, or cut it out entirely, and stop making unhealthy lifestyle choices such as binge drinking or recreational drug use.

In some situations, it's easier said than done - again, think of those small steps.

Maybe you order takeaway a few times a week; try to cut it back to once a week and replace the other days with simple, healthy food you've cooked yourself. Is an after-work drink on the sofa too tempting? Think to yourself, do I really need that glass of wine or beer? If the temptation is too much, clear the cupboards in your house so that's it's easier to avoid the unnecessary pour.

Making small changes to your diet can have big results for your mental health and the sooner your start, the sooner you'll see the changes for yourself.


Try to relax more and avoid negative influences

Telling somebody suffering with stress to relax, or somebody suffering with anxiety to not worry is hardly practical, but if possible, these strategies do work. 

Try to find more time to relax and do the things that you enjoy and that bring you comfort. Whether that’s cooking, cleaning, reading, walking, watching your favourite show, gaming, or anything else. 

Meditation can be a great way to relax and is one of our top choices of managing stress and anxiety here at Clean Drinks Co. There are many apps available (some providing free sessions) where you'll be guided through the meditation session and can often choose how long the session should be. As little as 5 minutes a day can help but try to aim for a little more each time - it's also a great excuse to be away from your desk or computer.

On top of that, try to avoid negative influences as these can drag you down and affect your mindset and potentially even add to your anxiety, stress, worry, depression, or anything else that is bothering you. Negative influences can be friends or co-workers who are negative, complain a lot or who drag us into their own bad habits - this can have detrimental effects to our own mental health, as well as their own and whilst it's sometimes difficult to identify, once you have, it's advisable to makes changes to those you associate yourself with.

For others negative influences can be the news or social media; whatever is your gateway for negativity, it needs to be identified and addressed to allow you to improve your mental health.

So there you have it, our 4 top ways to support better mental health. As we said at the start, there are many ways we can address and improve mental health issues but our 4 simple ways are a good start for those who may be struggling and don't know where to start.

Share this article with your friends and family. Mental health is important for all of us, so it's important we keep the conversation going.


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